Aha’s original Show Dance ikon 2022

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Are you a fan of a dance reality show? Do you like the anticipation that creates a buzzing sensation in your heart? Then Aha presents its original performance, dance Ikon, where several talents from different cities accumulate to entertain the viewers. Therefore, the show started premiering on September 11. It is one of the biggest dance reality shows in South India on the OTT platform. Undoubtedly, The craze of the dance show in the audience, predicts the performances to be a hit. Dance Ikon is one of the best Telugu shows and is grabbing the attention of many viewers with its talents and concept.

The show not only is a source of entertainment but also gives many talents in the country a showcase of their gift to the world. Therefore, the show provides them with a stage to show their enthusiasm and share their flair for dancing to get a higher place with their aptitude.

Contestants of the dance show

The concept of the dance show is what makes the show interesting and unique. The show allows the dancers to perform in the appearance of Filmmakers. Moreover, Ohmkar has six production houses in the show and introduced them as the owner of the production houses.

  • Geetha Arts – Allu Arvind
  • People Media factory – Vivek Kucchibholta
  • Sithara Entertainments, Bapineedu – Suryadevara Vamsi
  • SVC – Hanshitha Reddy
  • Mythri Movie Maker – Ravi Shankar

The contestants are as follows: Sohail, Anudita Paul, Sahil and Anjali, Gang 13, Manjula Nikki, and many more.

Mentors and Judges of the show

The show has invited one of the finest mentors for Ikon. As a result, they have invited personalities and choreographers notable for the performance such as Yashwant Master, Monal Gajjar, and Sreemukhi. Moreover, the famous Ramya Krishna of Bahubali made her debut as the judge in the show along with the dance master Sekhar Master.

Winner prediction for Ikon

The Telugu show Dance ikon had its grand finale on November (26-27) on Saturday and Sunday episodes of the show. The contestants gave their 100% to win the dance show and become the best dancer in South India. Therefore, the pre-final battle had some breathtaking performances with some laughter and fun moments. The favorite contestants of the show are Iron brother, Gani, and Khushi.

Moreover, according to the viewers and audiences is most likely to be the winner of the show. So, if you want to binge on some reality shows, check out the reality show on the OTT.  On the Aha platform, there are many interactive shows that can make you swoon over.

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